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The function of Altered scales are to create tension that leads, pulls, or pushes you to the next chord or musical idea.

The reason it has this affect is simple; The notes that create the most tension are only notes that are a half step above or below the notes in the chord you are going to. Example, if you were playing a G chord, and were going to C, if you play a C# or Cb, then that naturally is part of an altered scale that contains these leading tones. What's cool is combining altered scales, or lines that have these notes in them, and use them to create melodic statements. You will start to crave the altered stuff.


You don't just want the notes to be just dissonant, but you want it to be unique sounding. It should be like adding spice to a casserole. The right about of spice is good, and too much leaves a bad taste or over powers flavor. So some say," Man that sounds Cool, it sounds out, but its in."


Of course you can get heavy on the altered sounds and sound very psychotic as well and that can be cool too, but to the listener it might be like eating HABANERO PEPPERS with no water. Some can do that all day long, but most can't. Use your own judgment.




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The Jazz Scale  The Jazz Scale contains all possible altered tones.(b5, #5, b9, #9)

The Bee Bop Scale  The Bee Bop Scale - is a Dom7 scale with a melody - Like the the Circus song...da dada dadadadadada



I show some altered scales above, but these are not all of them. I have another area of scales called Geometric Scales. I put them in that categories because they have unique patterns are are easy to learn and easy to remember.




Geometric Scales





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