The Geometric Scales

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Geometric Scales are ones that are played on the guitar with particular geometric patterns. When looked at that way, it makes them easier to remember. Some of these are not just scales, but intervallic movements that make up a fragment of a scale type. In other words, geometric fingerings can be complete scales or just part or fragments of scales, that are fingered in a way that creates identifiable patterns. I will show you what I mean in applications.




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Augmented  The Augmented Scale

Diminished  The Diminished Scale

Half Whole scale  The Half-Whole Scale - Half step, Whole step, Half step,

The Chromatic Scale  The Chromatic Scale Contains all notes. It is the GREAT CONNECTOR

Misc. The Misc.or scale patterns or shapes on the guitar.






The Other Scales  



The other Scales are scales that are very usable but have most of the tones covered in previously learned scales. However they are worth the effort to learn because of their applications and variations. Remember scales are just melodies and they are not your melodies. Learn them, forget them, and have a life. (of course if you are going to teach anyone this stuff you should remember the structure of the scales well enough to show them correctly). If your a artist, who cares about scales, just play from the heart and make me proud. Remember, scales like the Red dots you use when learning how to dance. Go make her giggle, forget the Dots.









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