The Boogie Man
Information on the recording

This solo guitar and vocal project is an journey into various types of Blues, Shuffle rhythms and Boogie Woogie styles. The Boogie Man album was the fourth recording released by the DRAMA record label in 1995. Again this album shows of the tremendous technical abilities and melodic strengths of DR's music. A special note on the composition "Tiny Little Rain Drops". D.R. Introduces a new technique (you will hear more in future recordings), making his guitar sound like there is an accompanying fretless bass player jamming along with him.

Songs on the album

Loosin' Train of Thought

My Favorite Hat

Good Chemistry


I'll Get Back To You

Yo Mama

I Might Have Been A Lawyer

Tiny Little Raindrops

Boogie Man

Pop My Balloon

"...the player's player, the one all the other guitarist speak of with a bit of wonder in their voices. He plays jazz, blues, country, bluegrass, and folk with aplomb ...his touch is beyond deft-his dynamics are so sensitive that you're left with the impression that you're listening to a piano player."

by Philip Dawdy Editor for Slamm Magazine

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