The Other Scales

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    I get confused easy and need a very simple, and clear way of looking at things or I will quit. So don't get overwhelmed with these scales. They are here for you when you are ready for them. They are not mandatory, however they are very useful, and they are part of the Jazz vocabulary. The application of these scales is what is important. Some of these scales can be played on their own Native Root, or they can become many other things, even "Altered Scales" depending on what you call the Root. So to be sure, they are worth learning. I will put together some applications that you can explore. These indeed are very Cool.



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Pentatonic  The Pentatonic Scale

Melodic Minor  The Melodic Minor Scale

 Harmonic Minor  The Harmonic Minor Scale

Japanese Pentatonic  The Japanese Pentatonic Scale

Arabic   The Arabic Scale

Blues Scale  The Blues Scale




 The minor mode scales are fairly new to Modern Jazz. A lot of earlier Jazz musicians did not even have these in there quiver. Some of these scales are kind of weird and not very usable, but a few are incredible. This is for the Jazz Nazi who is an aficionado of the COOL to be for sure. Have fun with these as you are now in the top 5 percent. You are entering into the New Jazz Paradigm. TM.



Miinor Mode Scales






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