All Style Fighting Arts TM

What Makes All Style Fighting Arts TM Unique?



- It address skills for fighting in all Positions: (Away, Close-up, on Ground)

- Incorporates all styles, techniques, and sets criteria for interjecting new ideas
- Concentrates on controlling a fight at the first second of a conflict

- Promotes advancing the art, and continuing to improve ancient concepts
- Encourages inventiveness, open mindedness, and creative independence
- Improves physical conditioning, self-control, and mental alertness
- Develops confidence, self-reliance, and effective fighting skills


   When I first had the idea for my school All Style Fighting ArtsTM, there was no TV version of "Ultimate Fights" or "The Octagon" in fact "Mixed Marital Arts" was not a popular approach. Purists in a particular style argued that cross training would dilute your abilities. I disagreed. I think each style has a special use. I can't say a screwdriver is better then a hammer, or a table saw is better then a drill press. They are all tools, and they have there special abilities. Imagine if you need to drive a nail and all you had was a table saw. It just would not work. Same with Martial arts styles. I felt it was the best way to combined skills needed for different situations. A real fight in the street or battlefield is total chaos.


 In our modern day lives, we do not have the luxury of spending all day in distant and remote monastery training in solitude for 20 years. We have become a busy people and have limited time. I saw the need to streamline the process of training, without removing the important subtle details that make techniques effective. In a “real fight” situation, the student of martial arts needs to know when, and how to react–without hesitation. It is important that you can quickly think for yourself and improvises spontaneously. To do this a student needs to practice in “real fight” simulations that contain the unexpected encounters one may face on the street.

   A student of martial arts needs to first learn Fighting Theory: Stances, Blocks, Strikes, Kicks, Grabs, Throws, Holds, Falls, Pressure Points and Fighting Strategies to complete the “Matrix” of skills. At first you practice techniques using simple combinations and movements. Techniques are repeated over and over again until then it become easy and natural–but the goal is to be able to use them spontaneously and effectively for self defense. Very advanced, mental and physical development is required to remain in control of a conflict that may happen unexpectedly.

    It is my goal to create a forum to teach the "Matrix" of skills, and a creative logic structure so you can continue to teach and improve yourself the rest of your life independently from any instructor.

D.R. Auten



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