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A very impressive lineup of guitarists are featured on this NARADA collection. DR's compositions, Angela and If I only Had Wings, are among some of the most requested cuts. All of the fingerstyle guitarists heard on this album are esteemed to be the best in the world. This CD quickly climed to the "TOP 40" in 1996 (NEW AGE) and went #18th in Billboard Magazine. This collection is still one of the most popular guitar music CD's on the market.

Songs on the album

Little Martha - Tim Farrell

Crow - Edward Gerhard

South By Winterwest - Billy McLaughlin

Daisy Goes A Dancing - Pat Kirtley

That'll Be The Phone - Don Ross

Soul Discovery - Benjamin Woolman

Lunar Eclipse - Laurence Juber

To B Or Not To B - Muriel Anderson

Perestroika - Stephen Bennett

If I Only Had Wings - D.R. Auten

First Ride, The - Don Ross

It Never Gets Easier - Muriel Anderson

Helms Place - Billy McLaughlin

Only My Heart - Tommy Jones

Angela - D.R. Auten

Grandpa's Lullaby - Pat Kirtley

"...Eleven guitarists appear on Narada's latest collection, with original compositions in styles ranging from folk to country to jazz to classical to newgrass. The music flows well together, and while you will certainly want to read the biographical information about your favorites, you can enjoy listening to the whole disc without any reference to the liner notes. Most of the tracks have been released on solo albums by the artists, but Narada's juxtaposition of their skills allows new appreciation for the music, which has been recorded in Narada's 20-bit mastering technology for additional clarity.

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