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Enjoyed by kids at heart (of all ages), guitar players, and adults who just want to feel young again

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by: D. R. AUTEN
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GuitarToonsTM is a CD and companion instructional book created by world renowned guitarist, D.R. Auten. This book features standard music notation and easy-to-read guitar tablature for each song, along with a short story, classroom lesson plan, and illustrations for children to color. The solo guitar arrangements brilliantly intertwine fingerstyle techniques and imaginative guitar sounds that imitate insects, reptiles and other animal characters that appear in the story. The Guitar Toons story is a touching portrayal of very unique creatures, each having a special talent and personality. They all work together to accomplish a common dream. This book was designed for the young at heart of all ages to encourage imagination and creative visualization.

The GuitarToonsTM Music CD
- 11 guitar arrangments that the whole family can enjoy,
- "Solo" Acoustic Guitar by the renowned fingerstyle guitarist D.R. Auten

The GuitarToonsTM Music Book
- Standard piano music
- Easy to read guitar tablature
- Wonderful Illustrations of each song

The GuitarToonsTM  Coloring book"
- 11 Illustrations for kids to color
- A touching "Story of the Guitar Toons" (as they reach their goals working together),and
- A "Classroom Lesson Plan" (that teach creative writing and will inspire your their imaginations).


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GuitarToons IITM
More Music Notation ,Tablature, Music on CD
and a great new group of New Characters

Each new Character has their own sound and talent, all working together to be more then they dreamed of.

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Custom Guitars

Hand Made by D.R. Auten

Featuring all the famous GutiarToonTM Characters, Carved and fully illustrated

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