Business and Professional Information

D.R. Auten C.I.D.+

President and Owner of:

D.R. Auten Design, LLC

P.O. Box 501772
San Diego, CA 92150




Mechanical Design: Solidworks/Auto CAD,  (1973-2016)

Solidworks 3d Modeling – (2004-2016)

- Parts Design

- Assemblies

- Drawings

- Sheet Metal Design

- CNC Design

- Injection Molding Design


Projects for:

- Sanmina

- Hygiena Medical


- NiteRider

- Taylor Guitars

- Gibson Guitars

- Kunkel Guitars

- SEI (Systems Exploration)

- RANPAC Engineering
- VTN Engineering
- May Group Engineering

- D.R. Auten Design, LLC



Electronics Engineering: (2001-2016)
- IPC Certified, C.I.D.+ - Senior Printed Circuit Board Designer – 2006-2010

- IPC Certified, C.I.D. Printed Circuit Board Designer - 2004-2006
- AutoCAD: Electro Mechanical Design, Fabrication and Assembly Drawings

- Altium

- PADS's PCB Layout (MentorGraphics)
- Coordination of Manufacturing services with venders
- PCB Design of 14 Layer Boards
- Gerber/Cam Output
- High speed design

- Impedance control

- Differential Pairs
- RF Board Layout

- High Density Placement
- Library Management
- Auto Routing
- BGA’s

- FPGA (Re-assign pins as needed)

- Fine pitch parts
- Referencing schematics (Orcad)

- Engineering Change Orders (ECO’s)

- Design Rule Checks (DRC’s)

- NET list editing

- Schematic Capture (Orcad)

- Completed PAD’s PCB Design Software Course - 2001
- Hand tapping and layout of PCB, Stat-Camera Reductions - 1982

Printed Circuit Board Designs For:

- US Army, and other Military services

- Major Corporations
- Engineering Services Companies

- NiteRider

- SEI (Systems Exploration)

- Little Machines

- D.R. Auten Design, LLC


Types of Products:

Advanced Defense systems

Radio  RF High Speed - 60GHZ

Surveillance Equipment

Capacitance Touch controls

Cell Phones

Medical Diagnostic Equipment

Automotive and Transportation

Mining Operations equipment

Jet Aircraft Cockpit Display Equipment

Hand Held Medical Assist devices

Transportation devices

Beauty Products

State of the art Video technologies

State of the art Audio

Cameras on PCB

Computer Systems

Mother Boards

Daughter Cards

Back Planes

Fire Wire


Bluetooth Technologies

Optical devices

Instructional Devices

Test Fixtures

Musical Instruments


Military Experience – (1983-1986) 
Various Services for:
- System Exploration, SEI (A Military Think Tank)

- Naval Ocean Systems Center (NOSC)
- United States Marines
- United States Army
- United States Air Force
- The Royal Australian Navy (RAN)
- Electronic Warfare Department, (EWD)
- Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR).
- Little Machines

Civil Engineering:  (1986-2000)
11 years experience: Senior Design Engineer
- Surveying

- Mechanical Design

- Details

- Improvement Plans

- Profile, Grading Plans

- Tentative Maps

- Exhibits

- Precise Grading Plans
- Traffic Engineering: Traffic Signal Designs, Traffic Studies, Signing and Striping Plans, Detour Plans
- Computer Aided Design-AutoCAD.

- Highway Design

- On and off Ramp Design

- Intersection Design
- Traffic Signal, Control

- Wall Design

- Curb & Gutter

- Gutter

- Inlet

- Sewer, Strom Drain, Water Design

- Brow Ditch

- Berms

- Hydrology

Projects for Real-estate Developers:
- McMillian Co
- Corky McMillan Co
- The Eastlake Co
- Stonecreek
- Spectrum

- VTN Engineering

- Ranpac Engineering

- May Group Engineering

- Pardee

- KB

- Lenar

Public works:
- City of San Diego
- City of Riverside
- City of Temecula

Production Manager: (1996-1999)
- Newspaper layout

- Graphic Artist

- Color separations

- Scanning

- Page design

- Line art

- Printing coordination

- Photo re-touch

- Ad layouts,
- Video production

- Recording Engineering

- Management and coordinator of special projects, client relations, orchestrating the functions of Design teams
- Inventor of 3D virtual reality concert simulation. Concept, design and production coordinator.

- Bringing new capabilities to the company such as utilization of CAD for fine art inlaying fingerboard and graphics for one-of-a-kind collectable art pieces (instruments).

Introducing Sand Carving techniques and training. Improving Manufacturing techniques and time saving.


Projects for:
- Gibson Guitars
- Taylor Guitars

- D.R. Auten Design, LLC

Professional Photographer: (1983-2012)
- Small Format, 35mm Slide and Product Photography & Technical
- Med Format: 2 ¼ x 2 ¼, Product Photography & Technical
- Large Format: 4x5 View Camera: Product Photography & Technical
- Photo re-touch
- Video production
- Training

- Products

- Technical
Projects for:
- Military (various armed forces)
- Taylor Guitars
- Gibson Guitars
- City of SANTEE

- D.R. Auten Design, LLC

Computer Experience and programs:
- Solidworks 3d Modeling

- Altium PCB Design

- AutoCAD
- PADS PCB by Mentor Graphics

- Orcad

- CAM350

- Adobe Illustrator

- Adobe Photoshop
- Quark
- Pac soft
- Vango,
- Civil Cad
- DCA,
- Cogo PC Plus
- Eagle Point
- Symphony
- Word Perfect
- Microsoft Office

- MSWord


- PowerPoint
- Lotus
- Corel Draw

- CD Architect

- Sound Forge
- Macdraft
- MacDraw
- PageMaker

- Front Page

- Microsoft Expression

- G7 Scoring

- ProTools M-Powered
- Vegas Movie Studio

- DVD Architect Studio

- Computer literate with both Mac and PC

- Programming in basics: HTML & LSP



Martial Arts: (1972-2016)

 Certified/Registered Black Belt - Master Instructor
- 1st degree Black belt  - Tae Kwon Do
- 2nd degree Black belt - All Style Karate Instructors Assoc.

- 3rd degree Black belt - Sho-Ryn-Ru

- 4th degree, Master Black Belt Instructor - ASFA  All Style Fighting Arts TM

- 5th degree, Independent Martial Arts Association  IMAA

- 6th degree, Master Black Belt Instructor - ASFA All Style Fighting Arts TM


Black Belt level training in:
- Budokan, Sho-Ryn-Ru, Judo & Aikido - (Japanese)
- Tang Soo Do, and Tae Kwoon Do - (Korean)
- Kung Fu San Soo, and traditional Shaolin Kung Fu - (Chinese)
- American Jujitsu, Traditional Boxing and Kick Boxing - (American)
- Specialization in Street Defense.
- Main weapon: Bo (stick), & broken staff (two smaller sticks).

Fine Instrument Builder / Guitar Maker (Luthier):  (1973-2016)
- Design and construction of guitars: Luther (Guitar Maker/Builder):

- Steel string Acoustic

- Solid body electric

- Classical
- Carve Top / Carve Back

- Advanced guitar repairs and refinishing.
- Kunkel Guitars: Design Consultant
- Taylor Guitars Inc. One of the original Luthier’s for Taylor Guitars in the early 1970’s, 1980 & 1990’s
- Gibson Guitar Corporation: 3 years (Designer of special Art pieces, one of which is in The Smithsonian Institute)
- Deering Banjo 1980’s

- D.R. Auten Design, LLC 

Special Projects for:
- Coors
- Dale Earnhardt
- Volvo
- McDonalds
- Boston Celtics
- Chicago Bulls
- Volkswagen
- Guinness
- The Hermitage
- ACE Frehley
- Pat Martino
- Dyane Eddy
- Ricky Nelson
- Al Demeola
- Chet Atkins
- Merle Travis
- Scotty Moore

- President Andrew Jackson  (Old Hickory Guitar)

- D.R. Auten Design, LLC

Professional Knife Maker - Buck Knives Inc.  Hunting and Fishing Knives (1971-1975)

- Lead Knife maker

- Fine Cutlery

- Manufacture

- Custom Designs

- Repairs and refurbishing custom knives from all over the world


Publisher, Songwriter:
- Owner and Manager of Publishing company
- Owner and Manager of Recording company

- Songs on the charts at #18 in Billboard Magazine.
- Song in MGM major motion picture HEARTBREAKERS.
- Staff performer at the Chet Atkins Association Conventions with performance in Nashville, France.
- Sales, Distribution and Marketing
- Coordination of Printing and Fulfillment
- Creation of Products using: Quark, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Office 2003

- Music Scoring

- Lyrics

- Instrumental and vocals compositions.

Recording Artist:  (1966-2016)
11 albums recorded, 5 In progress:
- Hold On To the Moon
- Acoustic Paintings - Picked as one of the "Greatest 100 Acoustic Guitar Albums" in the world.
- Songs From The Heart
- BoogieMan
- GuitarToons
- Christmas Guitar
- D.R. Auten Vol. 1
- D.R. Auten Vol. 2
- Soundtracks of a Dream (in progress)

- Funny Bone (in progress)

- String/Strang like (Ying/Yang) - Acoustic/Electric CD Volume 1 (in progress)

- GutiarToons II (in progress)

- Jazz Standards Volume 1 I (in progress)

- Jazz Standards Volume 1 II (in progress)

- Jazz Standards Volume 1 III (in progress)

- Jazz Standards Volume 1 (in progress)

- Beatles Volume 1 (in progress)
Other released CD’s with Songs Written by D.R. Auten
- Fingerstyle Guitar - NARADA
- Remembering Marcel - Mel Bay Books
- Fingerpicking 2000 – Mel Bay Books
- A New Day – Compilation
- Fingerstyle Guitar Mag. - Sampler

- The History of Hang Gliding - Three songs written by D.R. in a documentary

Articles in Guitar Trade magazines
- Fingerstyle Guitar
- Jazz Times
- Guitar Player "Acoustic Paintings" picked as album of the month July 1997.
- Acoustic Guitar
 Product Demonstration:
- Taylor Guitars: Clinician at special events
- Kunkel guitars: Clinician at special events in Nashville TN.
- Gibson Guitars: Clinician at special events
- International and Domestic product demonstration
- France
- Italy
- Belgium
- Austria
- Canada


Special Note

- Acoustic Paintings CD - Picked as one of the "Greatest 100 Acoustic Guitar Albums" of all time.

- If I only Had Wings in a MGM release called Heart Breakers
- D.R. Auten was picked as one of the "100 Greatest Guitarists" of all time.
 - 4 Songs in a Documentary about Hang Gliding "Big Blue Sky)


8+ years of Vocational and Business related College level courses.
(D.R. Auten was placed on the Dean's list for maintaining a 4.0 average in 1985)


Have completed Various Courses of Study:

- San Diego State, SDSU

- University Of Calif. San Diego, UCSD

- Grossmont Jr.College

- Cuymaca Vocational School

- Santee Adult Vocational School

- Private Instruction

- Industry Specific Seminars

- Continuous Independent Studies

Civil Engineering/ Surveying:
Received Certification
- Engineering 124

- Advanced Survey 127

- Computer Technology 110

- Algebra 090, 110, 175

- Trigonometry 170

- Analytical Geometry180

- Calculus 180

- Industry Specific Seminars



- Plane Surveying

- Advanced Surveying

- Traffic Engineering

- Road Design

- Traffic Signal Design

- Advanced CAD.


Special studies include:

- Taping-Chaining

- Construction Staking

- Differential Leveling

- Curve layout

- Use and care of Instruments

- Field note taking

- Profile leveling

- Traversing and Coordinate Geometry.
Martial Arts:

Certified/Registered Black - Master Belt Instructor - 6th Degree
Studied 38 years with 9 different Masters, 1972-2010
Black Belt level training in:
- Budokan, Sho-Ryn-Ru, Judo & Aikido - (Japanese)
- Tang Soo Do, and Tae Kwon Do - (Korean)
- Kung Fu San Soo, and traditional Shaolin Kung Fu - (Chinese)
- American Jujitsu, Traditional Boxing and Kick Boxing - (American)
- Specialization in Tournament Competitions, and Street Defense.
- Main weapon: Bo (stick), & broken staff (two smaller sticks)

- IPC Certified - Printed Circuit Board Designer C.I.D & C.I.D
- PAD's PCB Design Course: Blaze Router, PADS PowerPC, & Power Logic
- Vocational classes taken in: Basic electrical circuit design and component functions.
 Mechanical Design:


Solidworks 2004-2016

- Solidworks Essentials Course
- Solidworks Sheet Metal Course

- Solidworks Advanced Course
- Solidworks Core Concepts
- Solidworks Advanced Concepts

- Private Instruction

- Seminars

- Users Groups

- Hands on the Experience


 AutoCAD 1983-2016

- Private Instruction

- Seminars

- Users Groups

- Hands on the Experience

- SEI Systems Exploration


Technical and Scientific Illustration:
Received Diploma/Certification
- Blueprint Reading

- Orthographic

- Isometrics

- Mechanical

- Architectural Drafting

- Inking on Mylar

- Air Brushing

- Photography

- Computer Aided Design

- Graphic Arts

- Packaging

- Industrial Arts

- Typography

- Patent drawings

Real Estate:
Course studies include:
- Real Estate Principles
- Real Estate Appraisal
- Real Estate Law and Practice.

Music Studies: (Studying music for over 42 years)
Special studies include:
- Advanced Composition and Harmony
- Recording techniques
- Jazz Theory and Improvisation
- Professional instruction and performances.
- Private Lessons
University of California San Diego (UCSD)
- Advanced Jazz studies and Master Classes with some of the great Jazz performers of our time.
Faculty Members:
Charles McPherson, alto saxophone Leading bebop instrumentalist, longtime Charles Mingus band member, collaborator with such artists as Barry Harris, Lionel Hampton, Art Farmer, Winton Marsalis, Tom Harrell
 Wycliffe Gordon, trombone Former member of the Winton Marsalis Septet and The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, he has performed with artists such as Dizzy Gillespie, Nat Adderley, Harry “Sweets” Edison, Branford Marsalis, Lionel Hampton, and Shirley Horn
 Peter Sprague, guitar Interlochen Arts Academy alumnus, former Musicians Institute and CalArts Jazz Studies faculty member, has performed and recorded with Chick Corea, Hubert Laws, David Benoit, and Sergio Mendes
 Mike Wofford, piano Lighthouse All-Stars alumnus, past music director for Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan, collaborator with Bud Shank, Lee Konitz, Shelly Manne, Chet Baker, Benny Carter
 Rick Helzer, piano/theory Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Jazz Studies, San Diego State University, composer, arranger and jazz educator
 Holly Hofmann, flute Leading jazz flutist, collaborator with such artists as Ray Brown, Frank Wess, Slide Hampton, Kenny Barron, Ali Ryerson, and Cedar Walton.
 David Borgo, saxophones Assistant Professor of Music, UCSD, composer and ethnomusicologist, has performed with Kenny Burrell, Billy Higgins, David Liebman, Herbie Hancock, Gerald Wilson, and Louis Bellson
 Gilbert Castellanos, trumpet Member of the Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, Columbia recording artist with Black/Note, has performed with Dizzy Gillespie, Wynton Marsalis, Charlie Haden, Poncho Sanchez, and Anthony Wilson
Anthony Davis, piano/composition Professor of Music, UCSD, internationally-recognized pianist and improviser, award-winning composer of works for opera, theater and dance, symphony, and jazz ensembles
Jeff Hamilton, drums known for his work as co-leader of the Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra and work with such artists as Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, and Diana Krall
 Larry Koonse, guitar CalArts Jazz Studies faculty member, performed with such artists as Bob Brookmeyer, Billy Childs, Terry Gibbs, Cleo Laine, Warne Marsh, Mel Torme, and Lee Konitz
 Christoph Luty, bass Member of the acclaimed Jeff Hamilton Trio, he has worked with artists such as Harry Allen, Dena DeRose, Warren Vache, Curtis Stigers, Bill Watrous, Anthony Wilson, Jeff Clayton, and Bill Cunliffe
 Eric Reed, piano Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and Wynton Marsalis Septet alumnus, active as a leader and a sideman with artists including Elvin Jones, Benny Carter, and Wayne Shorter
 Jason Robinson, saxophones PhD candidate in Music, UCSD, has performed and recorded with artists including Peter Kowald, George Lewis, Gerry Hemingway, and J.D Parran
 Rob Thorsen, bass Active as leader and sideman, has performed with James Moody, Charles McPherson, Ernie Watts, Louis Bellson, Hubert Laws, and Bucky Pizzarelli

Wood Working, and Metals Fabrication:
Various industrial arts program projects
- Wood shop, 5 years Vocational Education
- Metal Fabrication Shop, 4 years Vocational Education

Professional Titles Held
- Civil Engineering Designer
- Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Designer
- Project Manager
- Photographer
- Creative Director
- Technical Writer
- Graphic Artist

- Technical Illustrator
- Luthier (Guitar Maker)
- Knife Maker
- Guitarist
- Singer
- Songwriter
- Recording Artist
- Author
- Publisher
- Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor

- Mechanical Designer

- Business Owner

- President


Work References


2012-2016 D.R. Auten Design, LLC  San Diego

- President & Owner

- Senior Designer

- Mechanical Design - Solidworks

- Printed Circuit Design - Altium

- Industrial Design


2012-2014 NiteRider Technical Lighting (Kearny Mesa, CA) San Diego County

- Principal Engineer

- Senior Designer

- 3d mechanical design in Solidworks

2001-2012 Engineering Company, San Diego County
- Senior Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Designer, IPC Certified CID+

- Senior Mechanical Designer
- Cam output
- DRC’s, (Design Rule Checks)
- Layout and Placement
- Routing,
- Library Management
- Data Sheet Search
- Component Decal Creation
- Referencing schematics for checks during design
- ECO’s (Engineering Change Orders) and revisions
- NET list editing.
- Hand Routing and Blaze Routing of up to 12 layers
- AutoCAD mechanical design
- Manufacturing coordination with venders/CM's
- 3d mechanical design in Solidworks

Contact: Reference available upon request

1999-2001 The May Group Inc. (San Diego, CA)
- Civil Engineering Design Engineer
- Road Design
- Precise Grading
- Storm Drain
- Water
- Profiles
- AutoCAD Design
- Improvement plans
- Traffic Signal Design
- Detour Delineation
- Public Works projects
- Land Development

Contact: John Spotts Phone: 858-550-9901

1996-1999 The Gibson Guitar Corp. (Nashville, TN)
- Guitar Designer
- Graphics Designer
- Photographer
- Product Demonstrations
- Project Coordination
- Management and Marketing

Contact: Rick Gembar Phone: 615-871-4500

1974, 1983, 1993-1996 Taylor Guitar Company (El Cajon, Calif.)
- Computer Design
- Photography
- Manager of the Training Program
- Product Demonstrations

- Guitar maker (Luther)
- Manufacturer of fine instruments

Contact: Bob Taylor Phone: 619-258-1207

1989-1993 Ranpac Engineering (Temecula, Calif.)
- Civil Engineering Designer
- Improvement plans
- Traffic Signal Design
- Public Works projects
- Land Development

 Contact: Amanda Noble or Human Resources Phone: 909-676-7000

1986-1989 VTN Engineering: (San Diego Calif.)
- Civil Engineering Designer:
- Improvement Plans
- Detour Delineation

 Contact: Human Resources Phone: 619-292-1018

1983-1985 System Exploration (SEI): SECRET CLEARANCE
Various Services for:
- Naval Ocean Systems Center (NOSC)
- Marines
- Army
- Air Force
- The Royal Australian Navy (RAN)
- Electronic Warfare Department
- EWD, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR).
- Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout (Hand Tapping)
- Stat camera reductions
- Scientific Illustrations, Charts, Graphics

- Computer Aided Design (CAD)
- Training
- Photography
- Video


 Contact: Human Resources (619-793-1322)

1975-2016  Business owner: (San Diego, Calif.)
- Guitar maker (Luther)
- Repairman
- Musician

- Salesperson

- President


Contact: D.R. Auten 858-336-8326

1971-1974 Bucknives: (El Cajon Calif.)
- Head Knife Maker (special custom orders)
- All models and stages of construction
- Repairs

Contact: Human Resources Phone: 619-449-1100




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